Dr. Seyed Mohammad Seyed Jalali

Mizan Microfabrication Technologies Co. (CEO)

Education experiences:
PhD. Computer Engineering (UL, USA),
M.S. Computer Engineering (UL, USA),
M.S. Telecommunications (UL, USA),
B.S. Chemical Engineering (University of Tehran)

Title of workshop:

Lab on Chip

Abstract of workshop:
This workshop will introduce some lab-on-chip devices developed through microfabrication techniques under the category of microfluidics. The real fabricated devices will be demonstrated in details under microscope while the whole fabrication procedure is explained. Moreover, several applications of these chips will be introduced to give some ideas to attendants. Audiences are free to discuss and ask questions any time during the workshop.
Professor Manouchehr Eghbal
Assistant Professor of Bio-Medical Engineering, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology ( IROST ), Tehra

Research area
Bioelectrical, Microfluidics

Education and experiences
Ph.D., Bio-Medical Eng. School of Control, Bradford University (UK), 1992. M.Sc., Control Engineering, School of Control, Bradford University (UK), 1987. B.Sc., Electrical and Electronic Eng. Southampton University (UK), 1985
Teaching experience in Computer Hardware, Electronic Circuit, Introduction to Medical Equipment and Research Method in Medical Engineering. Design, development and Commercialization of Hemodialysis Machine, Design of Esophageal Pressure and Gastric pH measurement system, Design of Methadone Dispenser system, Automatic Drug Dispensing Trolley used in Hospital Ward, Design of PCR using Microfluidic Lab On a Disk Technique, Measurement of HbA1c using Microfluidic Lab On a Disk Technique, Design analyzer for measuring blood parameters using Microfluidic Lab On a Disk Technique, Measurement of Bilirubin using Microfluidic Lab On a Disk Technique, Design and development of blood warmer device, Design and development of R.O. system.
Prof. Mohammad Said Saidi
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Research area
Bioengineering, Microfluidics, Microfabrication, Aerosol Technolog

Education and experiences
Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.), 1979 M.Sc., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.), 1976 B.Sc., Physics, Sharif University of Technology (Iran), 1973
Teaching experience in biofluid mechanics, micro-nano flows, aerosol transport and deposition courses.
Numerical simulation and modeling of particle transport and gas exchange in human lung, Numerical simulation and modeling of kidney filtration unit, cardiovascular system blood flow modeling and simulation, multiscale modeling of blood flow-endothelial cell interaction.
Molecular dynamics simulation of material exchange through the cell membrane.
Numerical simulation and fabrication of microfluidic devices with biomedical applications.
Design and fabrication of devices for fabricating microfluidic chip

Esmail Pishbin ( Phd Student – Iran University of science and technology)
Ali Mortazavi (Phd student - Sharif University of technology)

Workshop title:

Fundamentals and applications of Centrifugal microfluidics (Lab-on-a-Disc).

Workshop Abstract:
Centrifugal microfluidics or lab-on-a-disc platforms have shown many advantages over other microfluidic systems. These advantages include a minimal amount of instrumentation, the efficient removal of any disturbing bubbles or residual volumes, and inherently available density-based sample transportation and separation. Centrifugal microfluidic devices applied to biomedical analysis and point-of-care diagnostics have been extensively promoted recently.
Lab-in-a-disc technology center (LTC) a research laboratory of the Iranian research organization for Science and technology (IROST) in collaboration with Sharif University of technology are conducting on new areas of the centrifugal microfluidics and presenting the applicable commercial devices using last presented detection method consist of immunoassay, NA-assays and biochemistry.
In this workshop the experiences of this group on manufacturing, testing, and analyzing of lab-on-a-Disc platforms will be presented